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Tips for Joinery that Fits Right off the Saw

Break Up Your Saw Cuts into Parts

Don’t be afraid of precision saw cuts. Your best advantage in a cut like this is your saw. Its a straight line that desperately wants to cut straight and will do so if you let it. At the same time using that straight line across multiple axes can stack the odds in your favor for a perfect joinery cut that splits the line every time. In other words, don’t just set the saw on the end grain of a dovetail and expect to saw straight down. Instead work lightly across the end grain, then use that kerf to keep your cut square as your sawn down the face angle. Turning a single cut into a multi step cut will dramatically increase your ability to split the line on any simple or compound angle cut.

More Sawing Tips

    I referenced both of these videos during the session so make sure to check them out. Additionally I have a lot of sawing related content here on my site and do a little searching or looking under the techniques menu will find you some additional gems.

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