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Woodworking Gift Ideas of Christmases Past

Christmas woodworking season is here and all good elves are in the shop working hard to get their gifts done in time for the big day. For those bad elves like me who try to pass off the slightly tacky feel of uncured finish as a feature, the lathe is a life saver allowing us to “turn” out projects at the last minute.

Here are a few clips from Christmases past to give you some ideas this holiday season.


Ice Cream Scoop

2009 Need a Quick Hostess Gift? (I don’t mean Twinkies)
Bottle Stopper

Checkboard Clock, this isn’t a lathe project but a quickie worth considering

I have a new slate of projects for Christmas 2011 and I’ll be posting a video shortly on one in particular soon. In the meantime, get back to work you lazy elves!

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