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RWW 184 Picnic Style Dining Table Part 2

hand cut joineryThis time I move from milling to joinery and focus on joining the legs together into the cross pattern with half laps and some cool angled bridle joints at the top. I find that making a full size drawing is the best way to accomplish this because my brain tends to serve up that little spinning color wheel when I have to comprehend angles. I’m sure there are other ways that involve some guy name Euclid but for music majors who don’t count real well above 4 (and sometimes 6) a full sized drawing is the best way to go.

After the angles and stuff are set it just comes down to an exercise in sawing to the line. With beefy joints like this sawing right on your line is key or you will spend a lot of time with a chisel trying to finesse a fit with tough end grain and invariably that chisel work will result in a loose fit or gaps in your joints. So take your time with your saw cuts and get them right.

Enjoy this episode.

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