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RWW 173 The Hand Tool Sense

10 years ago

By now we have all heard the whole “workmanship of risk vs workmanship of certainty” gem that David Pye coined long ago. It is that risk that freaks a lot of people out and gets their palms sweating and heart rate up at the prospect of cutting into the lumber they just spent hundred of dollars on with no safety net other than their own body mechanics and wedge and edge. In this episode I’m going to teach you how to use the force…or what I like to call the Hand Tool Sense. Open your eyes and ears and reach out and feel the hand tool sense. Between you and the saw and the board and the passed out Golden Retriever on the floor. It surrounds us and binds us…okay enough of that.

Using all of your senses to understand how your tools are working and how the wood is responding can add a great deal of accuracy and widen that safety net next time you unplug and use your hand tools. Hopefully this video will show you just a few of the things to look for.

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Your Turn

What other sensory cues have you discovered when working with your hand tools or even your power tools? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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