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Shop Update for 1/27/17: Dado Saw Set Up Tip

You Have to Experiment to Move Forward

I received a comment on YouTube about using the dado saw and how I might set up the fence to cut the second dado wall more efficiently. The idea of using the shelf board itself to set the spacing for the fence is a good one, but I was a bit skeptical. So this week I tried that suggestion to see if there was merit to it. Unfortunately it didn’t work but in the process I discovered that I was overcomplicating my set up and I came to a better method to allow me to accurately set up and use the dado saw. So what was once an odd tool that took up some space in my tool cabinet, may not be an essential tool for all of my case work in the future.

Next Week I Go Live!

I’ve said that I want to replace one of these Shop Updates each month with a live broadcast for open Q&A, and next week will be the first one. I hope to see you Thursday night, February 2nd at 9PM eastern time

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