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Shop Update for 12/16/16: Moulding Planes & Sticking Boards

Take a Walk and Make a Moulding

This week I have been making mouldings for my Blanket Chest and for some picture frames for Christmas gifts. The process of hand cutting mouldings, called sticking, is one of my favorite hand tool tasks. But it is put on a pedestal by many as mystical and difficult. Moreover there is a misconception that a lot of planes are needed to do it. Certainly you can get a lot of different complex moulders and even a lot of hollow and round planes, but I think you will be surprised just how many profiles can be made with just 3 planes.

Hand cut classical profile moulding

Check Out More Moulding Stuff

I have a whole category of stuff dedicated to sticking mouldings and you can read, watch, and listen to more to get your hollow and round fix. And let me know if you have any other questions about making your next moulding by hand.

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