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Woodchat Talks Hand Tool Olympics

I am a huge fan of the Hand Tool Olympics at Woodworking in America. It is a great place to show off your skills and win some tools or woodworking swag. More importantly it is a great place to learn a new skill from some very talented woodworkers. I was hoping to convey the message that the olympics are for everyone, even if you have never cut a dovetail or ripped a board by hand so I reached out to the Woodchat gang to see if they would have me on the show to walk through the 6 events. Chris and Scott agreed not only to talk about it, but to each try an event on the show. I have no affiliation with the event other than being a member of SAPFM, but I really love what the event stands for and of course am always encouraging people to try a hand tool technique. Anyway, here is the show. We cover the events in the first hour then just hang out and talk woodworking and tools after that. Enjoy and thanks again to Chris and Scott for letting me hijack their regular programming.

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